Friday, 28 June 2013

Accustoming Ourselves To American Type Vittles–Comparing And Contrasting!!!

Darrell came home in a state of absolute flux yesterday because he’d found “Twinkies” in Ye Olde Fashioned Sweetie Shoppe in town!
Twinkie.Twinkie's are American comestibles or “vittles'” as they like to call them that we have only ever dreamt of tasting …. and had planned on sampling  them profusely on our Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday to Last Vegas ….but now,  we had an actual one in our kitchen, it was a profound moment of Hello Magazine type poignancy!
cutting a TwinkieThere was a hushed silence as Darrell cut the aforementioned Twinkie into three (very) equal pieces ……..
our first twinkie bar….. and much awe and wonder as we all gazed at the cross section of aforementioned, aforementioned Twinkie.cream inside a TwinkieTo be Frank (Earnest and Jeffrey!!!) ….. we had expected more cream filling….
Twinkie…… but when Darrell carved dissected delicately cut the Twinkie up a little more, it yielded a little more,  and then the nomming commenced….
scoring our twinkie….. followed by the scoring …..
041Now, we have to be honest …. much as we enjoyed our first Twinkie and awarded it a most acceptable 8 out of 10 on our Richter Scale of noms ….. we have to admit that the filling, in our estimation isn’t a patch on the creamy filling in a British Tunnocks Tea Cake …..
tunnocks-tea-cakesSo, we are planning on taking a couple of boxes over to Las Vegas for our hosts at the Luxor Hotel to compare and contrast!


Anonymous said...

You are no good for my figure boys - I need some Tunnock Tea Cakes and I need them NOW!!!
Not quite sure about the Twinkies - to me twinkies will always be toes on your feet - or maybe that is just our family name for them! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

We're not really Twinkie eaters ...we like Little Debbies...always have a couple of boxes on hand, usually the Swiss Roll (little chocolate cakes with a cream filling)...sometimes the Oatmeal Cakes...But Twinkies are popular especially with those who had them in their school lunch boxes.....also love favourite are the peanut butter chocolate covered cakes....loved them when I was growing up and still have them as a favourite treat!.....Dianne

marc said...

Twinkies are rank they don't have a shelf life as they are so full of bad things they will never go of even after a nuclear war they would still be there on the self but only glowing lol know a tea cake that's a treat to be had on a sunday with other cakes like swiss roll and French fancies big want a tea cake to love marc

Mr.D said...

I have never had a Twinkie but I don't think I am missing out.
I don't know hen I last had a Tunnock's Tea Cake but I could eat a whole packet right now.

Anonymous said...

It is a joke here in the US that Twinkies are indestructible with "unknown" ingredients and would still be here after a nuclear holocaust....I think they survive with their fans via childhood nostalgia...... Dianne