Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Settled In Our New Orifice

We think we have now bonded with our new mahooooooosive  “demountable orifice” as Darrell likes to call it …
casualtyIt is right at the end of a very long and echoey corridor , that reminds us of a scene from Casualty, in fact Darrell had been looking for a trolley to enact a scene with Nigel to prove the point ….. what are they like?
document ShredderDarrell’s shredder has been carefully repositioned, precision calibrated,  and professionally plugged in and he has been shredding documents of a confidential nature with gay abandon ever since …..
working nine to fiveMy work station is also established and up and running ….
Office Admin….. although I have a few niggles ….. but I will not bore you the minutia (at the moment) …..as my new demountable orifice motto is now “offer a solution, not a problem” ….. when preparing to speak to “the powers that be”!
word of the weekWe have a mahooosive whiteboard which is the object of robust novelty at the moment ……  we make everyone who visits us sign in ….. and I have added a certain levity with my “word of the week” spot …. which we must all try to use, as often as we can,  at any pertinent juncture of the day…… even if our interpretation isn’t isn’t quite right, as is often the case!
whiteboard However, I am afraid the novelty of the aforementioned whiteboard and an ample supply of whiteboard pens is proving too much, for Darrell who insists on filling his side with infantile drawings, what is he like?
admiring the viewAnd then we have “view” ……. neigh “vista”  ….. as seen through the security wire in the windows, the bars across the windows and the railings placed in front of the windows………. which is proving to be quite a distraction ……..


Mr.D said...

A few niggles but just one Nigel.
Another great word of the week - extrapolate - sounds like a maths or science lesson on graphs.
I know who "Gedd" is, Mrs. G - it is a great likeness of a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun place to be! It would be mahooooosively impossible for Darrell not to be enamoured with that whiteboard......it's a Darrell sort of creative outlet......Darrell's muse must be inspiring nonstop.....Dianne

marc said...

Are you sure your at work and not in some young offenders rehab centre all those bars wire long words signing in etc. sound all to suspect to me big love marc , o sweetie darlings how criminal chic of you so Shoreditch new wave hard man vib next your be having him out of east enders coming to visit with hardest work places TV crew or may be so on trend to get my big fat gypsy work place that I cant talk about show big showbiz wave Hugh