Monday, 3 June 2013

Nigel Makes A Considered London Purchase…..

Although Nigel’s trip to London was quite brief,  he did manage to procure a window of opportunity in which to partake in a little retail therapy, as his hotel was fortuitously close (next door) to the Westfield Shopping Centre!
Build A Bear 1
And,  with our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas approaching he definitely needs a few new, on trend outfits for his trousseau!  Usually Nigel relies on Darrell to advise him as to what is de rigueur and what is not  ….
Build a bear 2
…….. so buying clothes, on his own, in a shop (rather than ordering bespoke suits on the internet) was a whole new ball game for him …
Build A Bear 3
However, it was an aforementioned whole new ball game that held no mystery for Nigel, deciding very quickly that a stripy polo shirt and charcoal grey jeans was the way to go this summer was a no brainer ….. and a new outfit was duly purchased!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this new outfit! Perfect for travel and all that Las Vegas and visiting the beautiful surrounding US west has to offer.....wonderful choice...Dianne

YorkshireKaren said...

I nearly bought this outfit last week, but didn't know if the jeans would fit. So glad they do, guess where I will be headed now!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can feel the holiday excitement taking hold - I can't wait to read all about it - and the forthcoming nuptials too- WoW what a year of brilliant blogging boys!
JantheFan x

Di said...

Hi there boys! I've been away too and have just caught up with all the garden party and London trip excitement. What a fabulous time you had Nigel - and I trust you boys are bringing him back down to earth - until the next jaunt/event/etc.

Hugs, Di xx

Oh no, now I have to prove I'm not a robot - off to find stronger specs!

Mr.D said...

Why not buy clothes in Las Vegas? Bring some new trends back with you.
I find the anti-robot things difficult to read too, Di. I hope you had a great trip.

marc said...

great choice of fash well done big showbiz wave Hugh