Friday, 21 June 2013

Nigel Ponders ….

Do stairs go up ……………Nigel Monkey…… or down?


Mr.D said...

Depends where you are standing.
If you are at the bottom of the stairs, they go up. If you are at the top, they go down.
Escalators can go up or down.
You can walk down the up escalator and then it gets more complicated.
Nigel's pondering has got me thinking.

Anonymous said...

Both...Your choice, Nigel!! What goes up must come down....Careful, You are going to get a headache from all this deep pondering!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Well all I know is that it is much easier to go down the stairs than up them - does that help? JantheFan x

marc said...

MR D what if your standing halfway on the stairs are they up or down even a well known frog had that trouble even sang a song about it who can say its given me a headache big love marc have you noticed my spelling got a bit better its because all of a sudden I have spell check on these box things so am given a choice if its wrong it like gambling if I choice the right one on the list lol makes it a bit fun mind you I still don't know if I chose the right word lol big love marc

Mr.D said...

Very good question. I think it depends if you are planning to go upstairs or down.
I liked the fact that your spelling was creative - it is part of your charm. I can always understand what you mean, and that is the important thing.