Thursday, 13 June 2013

Confectionary Review–Mini Milk Chocolate Lollies–They’re Chocolate NOT Ice Cream!

Mini Milk Chocolate LolliesWe didn’t think it would be a good idea to attempt two confectionary reviews in one sitting, and so decided that for a fair and balanced rumination,  it would be best to allow our palates, and Nigel’s tummy to settle and cleanse before another considered comestible chomp ….. to wit new Mini Milk chocolate lollies!
New Mini Milk Chocolate lolliesAgain …. all we can say is nom, nom, nom!
Mini Milk Chocolate Lollies NewWe decided to let Nigel take centre stage for this review as Mini Milk’s are his unquestionable ice lolly of choice where “real” ice lollies are concerned … and so his opine of the confectionary version could and did prove invaluable on this occasion.
Mini Milk Lollies nom nom nomLet’s just say Nigel didn’t hold back in taking an amply sufficient bite when Darrell proffered him the white chocolate lolly first ……Nigel immediately noted that he had thought it would be solid chocolate all the way through …. but,  in fact,  it had a very subtle and moreish soft whipped centre …. which was,  to quote,  “very luverly”!
Mini milk chocolate lollies...He tackled the milk chocolate Mini Milk proffered by myself with equal robust gusto and relish……..
Nom nom nom Mini Milk Chocolate Lollies. ….. but thoughtfully left a little on each stick for our delectation too!
All we can say is nom, nom milky nom, nom!!!  Our combined scores on our Richter Scale of noms?  ……. A very full bodied and acceptable 13 noms out of 10 ….  and if Nigel was Oliver Twist he would undoubtedly have uttered those immoral immortal words …… “Please Sir,  can I have some more!”


Mr.D said...

What if you put these non-ice cream lollies in the freezer and then ate them? Even more nomtastic or would you just break your teeth?

Anonymous said...

Yummy boys - liking the look of these too - now how many points have they in the Weight Watchers scale of things I wonder???? Could they be my Saturday night treat? Will be watching out for these when I next go shopping, they look just the thing to satisfy that chocolate craving. JantheFan x

marc said...

I will be putting these in my bag thanks to you a treat for a Sunday film big love marc

Anonymous said...

They look great, my kids will love them.

Grocery Gems said...

Fab review!! I only gave these a 6 out of 10 but I may have to reconsider after reading this :D

Anonymous said...

It just gets better and better with treats that do not disappoint! Perfect choice for so many occasions and especially when one is desperate for that special treat....Lucky you!! ...Dianne