Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Lasting Memento

A semblance of normality now needs to return to Castle Greysquirrel,  after Nigel’s VERY exciting adventure,  it’s very hard we know …. but we need to get back to work for a while before it all starts again ….. what with our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas and Tom and The Lovely Laura’s impending nuptials……
Royal Momento .
….. So when Nigel bought out his pressed leaf collection from the Palace we thought it would be a suitable juncture to bring about some sort of closure ….
Royal Momento 1
We had bought Nigel a picture frame intending to put one of his Palace photographs in …. but when the leaves came out, we suggested that Nigel put his favourite ones in it instead …..
Royal Momento 2
….. as a lasting memento for his bedroom …. perhaps adding one of his pictures as a background when they eventually come back from Truprint!
Royal Momento 3Royal Momento 4
Nigel was thrilled. Now all we need to do (as we mentioned yesterday)  is extract him from his bespoke suit ….. as we don’t think Cook will see it as suitable attire for sauce rotation duties, unless of course she see the potential and makes Nigel the Maitre'd of the school canteen …… the first Maitre’d of a school canteen in the world, well except for Eton and Harrow perhaps!


Mr.D said...

I ate with the students at Harrow as guest of honour many year ago.
They eat in their houses but there wasn't a maître d in sight. Nigel could well be the first.

Anonymous said...

Distracting Nigel from his gorgeous outfit won't be easy......maybe you can tell him it is IMPERATIVE the fabric be aired thoroughly and checked for any small spots that should be attended to immediately.....and ensuring him that is what the Royals do to keep their posh outfits in first class condition.....he does look portrait worthy in that suit!!...Dianne