Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Confectionary Review–New Cornetto Chocolates

new cornetto chocolatesIt seems that our disappointing review of the new Magnum Chocolates caused much consternation up at Splendid Towers, when they got wind of the lack of noms we had awarded them after our last confectionary review,  so much so,  that a young lady called Salma was charged with getting in touch with us to ask if we would be interested in trying some other chocolates from the same range to see if we liked them any better ….
Chocolate cornettos and mini milk lolliesWell …..  it would have looked most rude for us to refuse wouldn’t it?
Splendid CommunicationsSo with all due haste the aforementioned Salma sent out a small package to us, asking for our considered and much in demand opinion ….. how very, very exciting!
Splendid Communications.Naturally, we read all the bumf that came with the parcel first,  so that we were all familiar with the delicacies to be evaluated….
New cornetto chocolates... ….. this was then followed by some robust debate, at times heated as to what to review first ….. the Cornetto Chocolates or the treat sized Mini Milk lollies.
Cornetto Chocolates. After several rounds of voting, the Cornettos had it!
Cornetto ChocolatePut simply and unequivocally  …. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT ….. oooooh no!!! We loved the crispy, chocolaty wafer …. and the creamy “ice cream” centre,  which can only be described as a confectionary and nomming triumph,  which was complimented by the crunchy hazelnut sprinkles.  It’s been a long time since there was so much contented nomming at the kitchen table of Castle Greysquirrel of a confectionary type nature.   The little Cornettos really are just like the real thing, but without the ice cream headache ……
Cornetto chocolate wrappersSuch was Nigel’s robust enjoyment that he didn’t want to waste a morsel and insisted on licking all the wrappers clean, which has to be said was a trifle disgusting, especially the slurping noises that emanated from the middle of the table …… but high praise indeed for the Cornetto’s. 
And our final score on our Richter Scale of noms? ……….. 15 out of 10!!!  Nomcornettotastical!
We think they would make a lovely and different addition to any après party,  party bags ….. and should we have a party, they will be in ours,  nom, nom nom!!!
Tomorrow …. our Mini Milk review!


Mr.D said...

Excellent. Fame at last. What next? Food tasters on the television? Well done.
What is a "full release"? The mind boggles. Does it mean Splendid Salma can use your comments in their publicity?

Anonymous said...

This is all so impressive.....your hard work has paid off with your reputation as top confectionary reviewers firmly established.....I know your opinion will be more and more sought after....and all that delicious nomming is a super bonus....perhaps the next step will be seeing your reviews in print!!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm - must watch out for these - I was a bit worried when I first looked the blog for today that they had sent you ice-cream Cornettos through the post! JantheFan x

marc said...

I will always take your word on my choc selection so will be looking these little treats up great idea about party bags big love marc

Anonymous said...

I have tried these too and i can confirm they are great and only just over 100 calories!

Anonymous said...

I take it you only get your comment published if you like the product?

Still stand by the fact the vanilla 'stuff' turned my stomach.