Sunday, 30 June 2013

A No Nom Nom Situation! ….

008It seems that our local hostelry  is partaking in a “Burger Festival” where apparently burgers will be in “abundance” in the coming month !!!!!!
going all cosmopolitanOn seeing the new posters going up Nigel was well up for it,  asking when we could book a table …..  that was until I pointed out to him that Skippy would be on the menu,  and then …..  he very rapidly lost his appetite for eating at the table of a more exotic type nature ….  and I have to admit,  it turned my stomach a little queasy too!


Mr.D said...

I have eaten impala, guinea pig and pigs brains, but not Roo or Skippy the bush kangaroo.

marc said...

MR D Guinea pig is a common dish in south American countrys its ment to be very nice rick is of to mexico in two weeks time so I will have to tell him to try it what would you recommend he try he eats most things unlike me Does the Skippy burger come with peanut butter as they use to put it on his gums to make him move his mouth so it looked like he was making noises They used it on Mr Ed (the talking Horse )to so he looked like he was talking lol of to have a veggie sausage for breakfast big love marc

Anonymous said...

surprise to me a kanga burger would have appeal...but many different animals are showing up on menus in the US...there are restaurants that specialize in more unusual meats..buffalo burgers or steaks have a big following, but not for me.....I eat mostly veggie items.....veggie burgers, veggie sausage, and veggie hot dogs.....I am with you, Nigel, wouldn't want a Skippy burger!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Marc - Rick could eat chapulines (grasshoppers)or escamoles (ant larvae)if he is feeling adventurous. I recommend mole (pronounced mole lay), huevos a la Méxicana for breakfast and tacos al pastor. Mrs. D really likes ceviche. Huitlacoche (wheatlacoche - corn fungus!) is lovely - honest. I sometimes make albóndigas - spicy meatballs.
Where in Mexico is Rick going? If it is Mexico City, maybe Mrs. D and I can take him out.

Mr.D said...

I liked what you said about peanut butter for Mr. Ed and Skippy. Funny.
I ate guinea pig in either Ecuador or Peru. It was tasty.