Friday, 11 April 2014

A Confectionary Review–Maynards Discovery Patch, Body Bits

Nigel dragged Darrell over to the village Tesco Express in a complete state of flux to show him the new Maynards Body Bits he’d spotted …….
…. and well,  it was a no brainer really, a packet was duly purchased and naturally, us being us, it would have been rude not to do an indepth confectionary review as soon Darrell and Nigel got them home!The first thing we noticed was that for just one pound you get a most ample sufficiency of body bits …..
….. however, for Nigel, after sorting the contents into “body parts”, though there was an abundance of bones, feet, teeth, skulls and hearts …..
….. there was only one brain, and that would have been Nigel’s very favourite body bit of choice, if there had been a few more …..
The hearts were also of a romantic type nature as opposed to the more antatomical variety, these were lacking in  aorta's, atriums and ventricles, which was a tad disappointing for the more macabre among us!!!
There was a chance to “explore and play” with the body parts, on the packet, which Nigel did with great aplomb …. and in turn learnt that his brain was 75% water (we were surprised at that, and would have said Nigel’s was a lot more!!!) So, in all a source of education that you can nom when you get tired of all that learnage!!!
And our score on our world famous Richter scale of noms????  ….. 7 out of 10 …..we liked the soft texture of the jelly, we liked that there were not too many citrus flavoured jellies, which we are not very keen on …. however they were let down by, as aforementioned, there were not enough brains for Nigel’s liking!!!


Mr.D said...

Today's second lesson (after the percentage of water in the brain.)
The plural of atrium is atria.
I suspect Hugh has an atrium in his home too.

Anonymous said...

You do make me smile boyz! Where do you get these delights from - I never seem to see any such sweets - maybe because I'm down with the Mint Humbugs. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Who knew? I lead a sheltered life!....never thought about jellied body parts!...I can see where that would be a unique confectionary experience not easy to top! jellied candy myself ; my favourite candy as a child was Jujy Fruits (jellied fruit shapes) ....they still make them but changed the flavours....really don't like the new ones.....Dianne