Friday, 25 April 2014

Nigel’s Blisters And An Wondrous Awe and Wonder Moment!

Even though we have been in Iceland for a very short time there has been much sleeping on Johann’s Vunderbus, Stuart our guide, whose ability to talk about volcanoes holds no bounds, takes no prisoners on his two/three hour hikes …….
……. and I think Nigel has a little bit of a man crush on him!!!

However, Nigel is not so besotted by the blisters he seems to be accumulating, despite his stout boots!
He has only got short legs, bless him, and he has been trying his very best to keep up and be within earshot of Stuart's riveting running commentary …….
…… but sometimes he gets left behind a little ….. so I have to go back for him and sit for a while he catches his breath.

But, at the end of each long trek Stuart promises something that will leave us breathless  (apart from the aforementioned hike!!!) and full of awe and wonder.
So, yesterday we knew we were heading towards a waterfall, and we knew it was going to be a big one because Stuart had told us. At first we heard a faint rumbling in the distance (which I admit I assumed was Nigel’s stomach) …..
DSC00562But as we approached, the said rumbling got louder and louder and louder ……. until it was almost deafening …….
DSC00568 …… and then we saw see it …….
The Gullfoss Waterfall …….
OMG!!! …….. Mahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosive, isn’t a big enough word to describe it ……
….. it was MAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSIVE, never has a foot covered in blisters been so robustly worth it!!!
DSC00575 ……. this was one of those moments Nigel had been dreaming of for months, “It was like the Grand Canyon but with a waterfall and in the cold”  he sighed, wiping a large dewdrop from his nose!  It was all very emotional ……  a moment that will stay with us forever ……


Anonymous said...

what a spectacular waterfall;so beautiful it takes your breathe away....the sound must have been deafening......Stuart does know how to impress and Iceland's beauty and wonder is fully explored under his care!.....take care of those blisters, Nigel......Dianne


Mr.D said...

Such wonderful sights always seem more worthwhile if physical effort in involved.

jc2711 said...

Ha, ha, I was there with you in my mind, blisters and all. Thank you for the fabulous photos.

Jackie and Bob

KraftyKaren said...

Really loving all your Icelandic adventures - we had a very short two days there on a cruise and really really want to go back. Thanks for sharing your adventure x