Monday, 28 April 2014

Darrell Indulges In His Guilty Pleasure – Gary Barlow

As you know,  before we came away to enjoy the geological pleasures of Iceland …….
……. Nigel and I treated Darrell to indulge in his guilty pleasure, to wit one ticket to see Gary Barlow at the LG Arena in Birmingham.
……. And from all accounts it was an emotional evening from which Darrell is still recovering ……
……. judging by from the heart-rending phone call I received from Darrell shortly afterwards,  Gary obviously did not disappoint, well, ….. except perhaps one tiny weeny let down ……
…… when he failed to pluck Darrell from the audience to sing “A Million Loves Songs” to! However, it was understandable, despite Darrell pleading, with all vigour his heart and soul possessed, (at the top of his voice), Darrell sadly reasoned that his being sat in Block 9. Row Q, it would have been hard for Gary to pick him out his plaintiff calls and anyway, it was also a long way for Darrell to run to the stage to be with his hero…… and Gary would have had to sing another song while waiting for him, thus spoiling a beautiful moment!!!
However, half through the concert Gary did move to a platform in the centre of the arena
…… where Darrell said he felt he could almost touched Gary…… what is he like?

 So all in all for Darrell had a most wonderful night ……. and a million love songs later Darrell was a very happy if emotional bunny!!!


Mr.D said...

It looks like Darrell was emotionally drained at the concert. The YouTube video says it is private. Never mind.

marc said...

o my darrrling boy that Darrell is a one if he had said that you liked old chubby so much i would have given him a little tinkle and let him know you were going and he would have had you in the gren rom for a nice Cup of tea and a fig newwton or two Never mind next time I SEE THE HAVING SUCH A TIME AWAY but i am glad your not sitting around knitting blankets for baby birds or such like and that your up and out and having a ball marc sends his big love he has been doing boring things not worth mentioning but hasn't been near a computer so asked little old me to take time to say hi and send him all the news which i being the kind hearted helpful person i am have done with out even charging him for my time so big showbiz wave and a air brush kisss HUGH

Anonymous said...

Looks like Darrell was also having an emotional experience that was full of awe and sorry Darrell couldn't get to be on stage....but then, could he have survived such an overwhelming experience with his hero?....perhaps it was for the best he was enjoying it from a safe distance!....another great happening for those at Castle Greysquirrel!!....Dianne