Monday, 7 April 2014

A Present For Darrell

Nigel and I have been having a think about Darrell …. we know he is always leaving us to go off to London to stay with Hugh his best friend and mentor in Notting Hill, but it still doesn’t feel right for us to go off to Iceland leaving him behind,  if you know what I mean ……
So we have both been giving much robust thought as to a little something we could leave for Darrell to make up for him not being with us on our Icelandic Saga …..
We made a list …. but nothing really stood out, as being an utterly brilliant idea……. and believe me, I thought Nigel would burst a blood vessel he thought so hard ….. and then …….  he had total moment of epiphany ….
…. what about a ticket to see Gary Barlow?????  ….. Darrell is a really bit of a closet Gary Barlow fan, in fact,  there was quite an unseemly torrent of tears when the aforementioned Gary left X Factor, Nigel’s idea was genius!!!
So with that, I got onto the Gary Barlow ticket hotline and insisted, in my best Simon Cowell voice that I would not hang up until they found me just one seat for Gazza ……. it didn’t matter where …… anywhere would do ….. even if it was behind a column, …… and would you believe it, they found one……  and not behind a column!!
It took a couple of weeks to arrive, and when it did Nigel and I called Darrell into the kitchen, saying that we had a little surprise for him ….
Let’s just say there were more tears ……
…… from a totally overwhelmed Darrell…..
“I lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Gary!” he kept on sniffing, “He was always my favourite Take That!”
So now Nigel and I can go and enjoy the pleasures of Iceland ….. safe in the knowledge that Darrell will be equally happy, waving his lighter aloft while singing A Million Love Songs Later ……. and being very emotional ……
……… What is he like?


Anonymous said...

Does Darrell need company??? - I quite like the Barlow guy myself - although I have to say he didn't set a very good example to the youth of the day on The Alan Carr show the other night - with that wine drinking - (but I digress, that's a totally different issue)
So if Darrell needs someone to accompany him you know where I am - only willing to oblige.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

what a loving gesture for homebound Darrell!...having a dream come true will make it so much easier to see Monkey and Nigel off to Iceland.....even if Darrell is a sophisticated part-time Londoner, I daresay he will barely be able to contain his over the top excitement!......excitement galore for those at Castle Greysquirrel!...........special day here,too; Royal Mail all the way from Wolverhampton, UK!!!......Dianne

Mr.D said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.

marc said...

I will get Garry to come and say hi if i can pull him away from the AA meeting big showbiz wave Hugh