Monday, 21 April 2014

Nigel And My Icelandic Saga Begins

After a turbulent nights sleep mainly due to Nigel’s overwhelmingly robust excitement, we were up at 4.00am when it was still dark and then at 5.00am outside school waiting for our coach and the girls for a prompt 5.30am departure.
It was an especially emotional send off for me because Alex’s  mum had fashioned for me the most wonderful balaclava that was an exact replica of a volcano, complete with woolly lava flows and plumes of fluffy smoke ……..
….. I have to admit I had to stifle several  manly sniffs, how very, very kind.  Alex’s mum had also made a tiny Nigel sized eye mask, lest he was kept awake by the midnight sun.  What a lovely, lovely mum xxxxx
Once we were through passenger control Nigel was put on plane watch and told to call the girls to our muster station just outside duty free, in an authorotive manner when our departure gate was shown.
A job he executed with great aplomb, even giving up his breakfast to make sure he missed nothing, the ultimate sacrifice as far as Nigel and his tum are concerned!

Time seems to go by so fast when you are international travellers like what we are and before we knew it we were on board our WOW airplane and Nigel was being told politely to belt up, I think all the stewards gleaned a sense Nigel’s tangible and palpable aforementioned excitement as he piped himself on board!
And once we were in the air, there was no doing with him, this was the trip he had dreamed of for so long …… he was going to see real volcanoes, tectonic plates, geysers and glacier mints …… and …. and …. and ….
But, I am afraid, in the end it all became a little too much for him, and it was then that I became VERY thankful in a Hello magazine type way that Nigel did sacrifice his breakfast at the airport ………
……. after a few “hiccoughs”, sleep overtook him, missing the inflight film.  I let him sleep …… dreaming,  no doubt of pyroclastic surges and seismic waves and I enjoyed a little respite!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thoughtful gifts; that beautiful balaclava and gorgeous sleep mask are perfect Iceland must haves!.....dear Nigel is already having the adventure of a lifetime, and what a little trouper taking on all that responsibility......can't wait to see all those natural wonders......two travelers off to see the world!......Dianne

Mr.D said...

We are following Nigel's ideas too. Today we went to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. Google it for some wonderful images.
I had my long johns on today.