Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Very Special Easter Parcel!

There was much robust excitement chez Castle Greysquirrel yesterday morning when Nigel found a parcel, addressed us all in the porch.
And, it didn’t take too much forensic examination to work out that it had been sent by Dianne, our very, very special friend from sunny and far away Florida.
I have to admit there was a bit of an unseemly scramble to see what lay within …….
……. because Dianne’s parcels are ALWAYS so wonderful!

There were cards for all the family, which we opened first and I put on our festive mantle for all to admire ….. and there were presents …..we let Nigel open his first …… otherwise he would have exploded!
His parcel was very romantically wrapped in tissue paper with bird stickers and tied with string ……
….. and inside was the most exquisite Easter Bunny t-shirt from Nigel’s boutique of choice, which he likes to call “Monsieur at Build A Bear”, and although it was a little uncouth, we allowed Nigel to break the rules of the kitchen and let him change at the table or else there would have been no doing with him …… and I have to admit, he did look everso cute!
There was a basket of Easter goodies for us to share of fluffy chicks and chocolate bunnies and mini frogs …..
…. and finally there was a daintily wrapped gift for Darrell and I ……
….. a most delicate sugar egg ….. which when you looked inside was a tiny chick sitting on its nest, we had never seen anything like it ever before and we were all totally enchanted …….
…… but though it could be regarded as a festive comestible it would certainly not to be scrutinised by our usual Richter Scale of Noms …. this was a delicacy not to be eaten but treasured.
THANK YOU Dianne ….. this was a very special parcel, which we all cherished and made us feel very blessed in a Hello magazine type way that we have such lovely friends from all over the world, who we love very much xxxxx  HAPPY EASTER


Anonymous said...

Hooray! our Happy Easter Wishes and treats made it across the big pond! Our gorgeous Easter card has been enjoyed since it arrived via royal Mail but we are waiting until tomorrow for our Easter treats.....sooo helpful that Monsieur BAB has dear Nigel's measurements on hand so there isn't any guesswork sizewise!!...glad you liked the little sugar egg......sending love to all....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Well done Dianne - you have made some monkeys very happy.
I don't want to see Nigel explode. Little bits of monkey gizzard on the walls wouldn't look too fetching.

marc said...

Dianne indeed does send the most wonderful gifts of great taste she knows her eggs as they say you boys have such fab friends love every thing big love marc and Hugh