Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Darrell Does Some Considered Perusing Over At The Village Tesco Express ……..

Nigel has already started to pile on the Easter pester power ….
…. so Darrell decided to go peruse, comparing and contrasting the Easter eggs that Nigel has been drooling over at the village Tesco Express since a couple of days after Christmas!!!
He said that indeed they had a very ample and sufficient selection of the festive comestibles  ……
…. but they just didn’t have exactly what he had in mind for the little fella!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Something very special and unique for Nigel?
How about a home made Easter egg?

Anonymous said...

In the Easter candy world of chocolate and sugar treats, there must be something somewhere that will makes the little fellas eyes light up and the noms burst forth!...there just might be something he will like in the box that should be in the UK by now, unless it is sitting in customs......just a hint but they are cute little green things......Dianne

marc said...

i want lots of eggs as i have never had a easter egg they all look good big love marc