Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Village Easter Fair

With Nigel and I finding our feet in Iceland, Darrell was at a bit of a loose end yesterday afternoon and so decided to avail himself of the pleasures of the Village Easter Monday Fair ……

…… which is the only day in the year that the main road in and out of the village is closed ……... which makes it sort of exclusive and special ….. but a pain for the Banga bus!
Darrell noted that it looked as if there had been a major investment in awning gazebo-ey things  …… probably due to the inclement weather of recent years (including snow!)
There were a lot of stalls, Darrell said that he had been VERY tempted by the cake stall, but as most of the cakes were of a family size nature and Darrell being on his own, he didn’t think it would be wise to purchase one for his sole consumption only to waste it or perhaps even worse, give in to temptation and woof down the whole lot (over a couple of days of course), thus putting his neat waistline in impending danger!
So instead he headed towards the church hall to see if there was anything interesting on the White Elephant stall for considered purchase ….. and he struck gold …. finding a pack of cards entitled “50 Hilarious Ways To Have Fun At Work” ….. for which Darrell paid the princely sum of 50p, it was a no brainer he said, that’s just 1p for each “hilarious way”!  What is he like?
Darrell then stopped and listened for a while to the Lady Wulfruna organ, a staple of every Easter Monday Fair since time immemorial …… “The sound of an organ is so romantic and evocative, especially on an Easter Monday afternoon ……” he sighed!!  Again, what is he like?????


Anonymous said...

Wonderful nostalgia with the organ and a great way to spend the afternoon!...can see where the cake was a huge temptation but those cards are a winner and what a bargain!.....the Easter fair looks like a great funtime success.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

That is an impressive organ.

Anonymous said...

Darrell. So happy that you had a good day at the Easter Monday Fair this year. What a difference a bit of good weather makes. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Fair, we will make sure that there are some monkey sized cakes for you! From all you friends at Holy Cross Church.

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun - organ playing and all. Can't wait to see what fun you WILL have at work now! JantheFan x