Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nigel’s Icelandic Ice Bucket List

I have to say that Nigel has been waxing VERY lyrical during our most momentous of momentous trips to Iceland ….
…… however, I am afraid, sadly,  my very amateurish photography isn’t doing any real justice to the stunning views we have been experiencing. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer size of every thing, from huge and wild expanses of lava, to glaciers that seem to go on forever and mile upon mile, upon mile, upon mile of black ash …..
If we knew or could even pronounce “OMG” dans Icelandic, believe me, we would be saying it a million times over every day!!! It really is the land of mahooooooooooooooooosive awe and wonder, as well as the midnight sun (which we haven’t seen yet).
Anyway, Nigel has drawn up an Icelandic ice bucket list of all the things that he would like to see or experience while we are here, which include (worryingly), an spuming volcanic eruption, an earthquake of not too many Richters, ideally a 3 or 4, geyser bursting forth ….. and the aurora borealis …..
……. as well it snowing profusely, then he’d like to suck on a glacier to taste pure water, sit on an iceberg and find a holey stone to take home for Darrell and then finally …. swim in the Blue Lagoon!
Oh …………. and have a daintier sandwich in his lunchbox ….. like everything in Iceland, even the sandwiches are mahooooooosive!!! Although he has very much been enjoying the luxury of being availed with two fillings, usually a continental meat and cheese!  At home, chez Castle Greysquirel he is allowed one or the other but never both!!! As Johann our driver has taught him to say ….. “Bragðgóður, bragðgóður, mjög mjög bragðgóður!”  Which translated means  - tasty, tasty, very very tasty as there is no word for nom in Icelandic!


Anonymous said...

So many beautiful vistas in every direction!.....something to remember always.....the food experience looks amazing too.....those northern wonders are unlike anything else you will ever see!.....that is quite a large sandwich for dear Nigel!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Excellent! I would love to see geysers instead of geezers, a lava flow and the northern lights.
What a great trip.