Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Currency Of A Very Foreign Nature

Nigel and I went up town after work last night to collect our pre-ordered Icelandic currency ….I know it sounds silly, but we were both stood at the counter, sort of quivering with an exquisite mixture of excitement and anticipation as we watched the lady counting it all out very carefully, and then putting it in a most romantic Thomas Cook currency envelope that wished us a “great holiday, where ever we spent it …..” and then we scampered, very happily,  back to Castle Greysquirrel, where we could look at it properly ….but had to catch the No.5a bus, as we had missed already the Banga bus!
Well, the notes were just as romantic as the aforementioned Thomas Cook currency envelope ….. eitt pusund kronur and fimm hundrud kronur sound soooooo dreamily exotic ….
…… however they didn’t smell very romantic!!!! Something we have always noticed about our holiday money, it’s a bit of a spooky gift we have, sniffing out money of a foreign type nature.
Nigel just sighed very heavily as he tenderly stroked the notes  (but trying not to inhale too hard as he did so), pondering upon the occasions when he might making a considered Icelandic purchase of choice ….. a tin of whale blubber for the ladies in the kitchen perhaps, a snow globe of a typical Icelandic scene, a cuddly puffin or Icelandic troll or a Viking drinking horn or tea towel   ….. oh the Icelandic souvenir industry must be girding their loins for Nigel to set foot in their country, his Kronur burning in his pocket!!!!


Mr.D said...

Smelly money = funny money?

Anonymous said...

That is quite romantic looking currency that brings home the fact that Iceland is indeed in the near future and you will be expending said currency in person! ......Kronur makes it all sound so exotic of the foreign climes nature and interesting; more so than dollars or pounds!.....hmmmm, never thought about currency having a particular odor....Dianne