Tuesday, 15 April 2014

NIGEL ……. NO!!!!

Following on from yesterday …….
I have had to have more robust words with Nigel ……
I have told him that although Marmite is, without doubt, our savoury spread of choice on our breakfast toast, when abroad we really should immerse ourselves in the culture and eat as natives ….. and not draw attention to ourselves by bringing foreign jars to the said breakfast table!!
Perhaps there will even be an Icelandic savoury spread equivalent ……that will have Nigel begging the staff “Please sir can I have some more?” You just never know!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bless the little fella. JantheFan x

Di said...

Oh NO! You can't ban Nigel from taking Marmite with him :( Why not get some of those teeny little individual portions from where they sell the little pots of jam in supermarkets? He could get away with just taking one as he's only small, it wouldn't weigh much and might stop home from being Marmite/Home sick.

I'm on Nigel's side here - Marmite rules forever.


Mr.D said...

Marmite might even get confiscated at customs. That might mar the flight.