Friday, 20 January 2017

2017 Teashop Challenge …… JellyPickleJam

There are an awful lot of teashops and cafes in Evesham, and I sort of think that in 2017 Darrell, Nigel and I should set ourselves the challenge of availling ourselves of each and every one of them.  I think if we visited one per fortnight we could do it, if not all together, certainly in pairs.
JellyPickle Jam 1 So today I thought I would pop in and have a pot of tea at JellyPickleJam .
JellyPickleJam Tea Shop.It did not disappoint, inside was very, very quaint, with decoupaged tables, odd chairs painted to match, upside down metal colanders for lightshades, bunting, vintage cups, saucers and plates and flowers on all the tables.  I felt so at home.
Jelly Pickles Jam As for the menus, well, the Vintage Cream Tea menu ticked all my vintage cream tea  boxes ….. oh my goodness …..
JellyPickleJam menu board….. for me, it would have to be the Countryside Tea, a cheese scone, a hot sausage roll, and handmade chutney, plus a cream scone or piece of cake to follow????  It’s a no brainer, nom, nom, nom. This is definitely a place for us to bring our guests for a treat when they come to stay.
JellyPickleJam Tea ShopThere is also a lot going on with cooking and craft classes, children’s parties and pop in sessions for knitting, crochet and sewing, which would certainly be of interest to Hugh when he makes one of his state visits. They also do a community crop which turns your garden produce into jams and chutneys, how brilliant is that? If only we had a garden!
JellyPickleJam Pot of teaAs I was saving myself for my lunch (and helping support Darrell on his weight lose regime)  I just had a pot of tea, which came with a proper knitted tea cosy and milk in a mini milk bottle. 
For the first teashop of the year, I think I struck gold ….. Dianne, in torridly hot and sunny Florida, you would soooooooo love this place.
16-17 Vine Mews, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4RE


Mr.D said...

Great tea cosy - make sure Nigel doesn't try it on for size.
Does Darrell have a belly the size/shape of the tea cosy's tummy?

PharmacyMichele said...

Today's teashop sounds amazing, looking forward to hearing about the rest of your Teashop tour.


Anonymous said...

This place looks super cool and bang on trend. Loving the look of the cream tea menu - I wouldn't know which one to choose - all look delish! Think I might need a trip to Evesham this year! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

I was thinking that very thing when I was looking at the tea choices!.....hope this will remain at the top of your preferred list because it is truly a place to spend time.....Evesham offers only the best and looking forward to the next tea shop/cafe.....poor Darrell; calorie temptation galore!.....still hot here,83F today and 85F tomorrow! to all,Dianne

Dianne said...

Did check their website and that very first picture that unfolds, gets my devotion and loyalty; one of those perfect places to visit and not want to leave!....Dianne