Monday, 9 January 2017

Home Improvements Of A Manly Type Nature At The Towers

There has been much robust excitement Chez Riverside Towers as we decided to start the New Year off by having a couple of little jobs done, now we have “lived” in the flat for six months or so.
IMG_0078So, this morning you find us surrounded by all manner of manly equipment of a tool type nature, as we have our kitchen area tiled.
kitchen before tilingThere’s nothing like the frisson of excitement you feel when you see a dust sheet being laid, as you know that a magical transformation is about to unfold.
mens work tiling kitchen.We have Andy doing the work, (he has a lovely van), and he doesn’t seem to mind Nigel showing a great interest in everything he does, the watching of the bubble on his spirit level being particularly fascinating.
mens work tiling kitchen……. and he has also let Nigel hand him the tile spacers as he needs them, rather than allow him to spread the adhesive as Nigel first suggested.
Topps Tiles. Andy has also complimented Nigel on his authentic work clothes, but so far the offer of Nigel being taken on as an apprentice has not been mentioned.
Topps Tiles However, I have told Andy that if Nigel starts to get under his feet and hinder the progress of his work he is to send him to me to ask for a “long stand” …….. something Mr D, our Mexico based, serial commenter used to do to some of his prize students when he was teaching Chemistry back in Wolverhampton, many moons ago now!


Mr.D said...

Sending students to the prep room for "a long stand" or "a long weight" (wait.) Happy days.

If Nigel was spreading the adhesive, I could see him stuck to a tile or to the wall.

PharmacyMichele said...

I can see Nigel asking to help everyone that comes into the flat after this. A new adventure for him???


Pamela said...

Oh my Monkey! Did you have to post that last photo of a rear view of Andy? There should have been some sort of warning - I think I might have to go for a lie down now.

Anonymous said...

Oh you do so brighten my Monday mornings! A very important job is a Tile Spacer Operative - anyone can stick a bit of glue here and there but one has to be extremely dexterous to hand fiddly Tile Spacers out AND it is a very important aesthetic job too - if tiles are not spaced correctly it's not very good for the eyes! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

This is exciting all the way round so not surprising it is just too much for Nigel not be involved; being in charge of the spacers was a brilliant idea......wonderful kitchen that will be even more perfect with the desired personal touches ......great start to the new year with all this work coming along making Riverside Towers the place of your decorating dreams! Of course Mr.D would have the tricks of the trade every teacher needs!....wishing you happy kitchen tiling......Dianne