Friday, 13 January 2017

A Very Welcome Distraction For Nigel

With everything that’s going on at Riverside Towers at the moment in the bedroom department, it’s quite fortuitous that it also coincides with Nigel’s turn to collect Iris from Nursery, when even the tantalising opportunity to hand Pete a screw, nail and hammer just can’t compete, even for Nigel!
school runThere is nothing Nigel loves more that picking up Iris, having the ladies tell him what a lovely time Iris has had, and then having Iris come to the door and squeal “It’s Nigel!” when she sees him waiting for her.  She always seems to have a painting or drawing to bring home, and when she has chosen a new book, Nigel always reads it with her when they get home.
Iris's Nursery 1Iris's Nursery
The Nursery is wonderful, Nigel would love to be invited to stay one day, there are lots of outdoor activities like gardening, and sand and water and lots of corners to play shops and houses, as well as painting and play dough.
NurseryThere is even a meadow to go for a walk in, to look at nature, collect leaves and see the frost on cold days, and in the meadow is a Bear Cave for telling stories, it’s magical.
Moo Moos EveshamOn “a Nigel collecting day”, Nigel always treats Iris to lunch at Moo Moos, our Evesham lunching venue of choice. Usually they share a plate of scrambled egg on toast, but this past week or so they have moved on to a doorstep ham sandwich with salad garnish and crisps. with a sophisticated pot of tea.Moo Moos Evesham. Ham sandwich Yes, it’s easy to say that with all the robust temptations home improvements can bring, nothing, but nothing would keep Nigel from collecting Iris from Nursery, even if we were offered a 60 minute Makeover with a celebrity host and a whole team of helpers, Iris would always win hands down!


PharmacyMichele said...

I think the nursery that Iris goes to sounds fantastic, in fact I'd like to join her. No wonder Nigel loves going to collect her.


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely and I'm with Nigel all the way - Iris is a very special blessing. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Sounds like a perfect day all the way round!....who wouldn't love to spend time at that wonderful nursery ....special times for Nigel and Iris to remember as Iris grows.....what could be better than topping all that with a ham sandwich and crisps!....wishing you many Happy Days With Iris, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Iris is a star.
That doorstop ham sandwich has got my mouth watering.