Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Romance Of Filling Your Own Flagon.

I could tell that Darrell was starting to get a little restless, though Christmas had been very wonderful the celebrations had gone on for long enough even for us, and finally he persuaded Lucy to accompany him on a jaunt over to Cheltenham to have a look the “Whole Food Market” just to have a little mooch at its natural organic products.
IBlack forbidden Rice SaladIt did not disappoint for Darrell …….. in the romantic ideal sort of way,
Forbidden Black Rice Salad. You can just imagine the sighing that emitted from his general direction as he gazed longingly at the “Black Forbidden Rice Salad”, before Lucy dragged him away before he embarrassed her any more. It may have been like something Hugh would have delivered in his helicopter, she told him, but drooling in an centre renowned for its organic excellence was not very classy!
Fill your flagonThe idea of filling his own flagon also made Darrel come over all Heathcliffe, all rustic with an untamed mane of hair and undone shirt buttons. What is he like?
IMG_0029Poor Lucy ….. she is a very patient lady ……..
Wine refills Wholefood Market…….. following in Darrell’s wake while in full ebullient flow can be a little wearying, there are only so many times you can oooooohhhhh and ahhhhhhhh, and then oooooh some more, feigning enthusiasm for quite so many unusual fruit and vegetables.
Pattipan Squash...However, I have to congratulate her on her tact and decorum when Darrell was on the verge of filling his basket with Pattipan squashs, just because they looked “toooooooooooooooo cute” …..
pattipan squash……. suggesting that he do a little research on how they should be cooked and what they are best served with before making a “considered” purchase, it would be wrong to assume that they would automatically go with spaghetti hoops.Local craft beers So, in the end no purchases were made, Darrell decided that  this was to be an experience shared with his favourite “sensible” lady of choice and a retail establishment noted for finding an occasional gift that would be very acceptable and appreciated by Hugh, if not Nigel and I ………… and Black Forbidden Rice Salad will for a little longer, remain a stranger to Darrell’s palate.


Mr.D said...

If Lucy is his favourite “sensible” lady of choice, what does that make mum?
Favourite "silly" lady of choice?
The Pitville Pump Rooms, in Cheltenham, is a place where Hugh and Darrell could hang out.

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like an interesting place to go to for food. Well done to Lucy for suggesting Darrell conducted some research-very clever.


Dianne said...

Poor Darrell, stressed to the max after finding his gourmet/organic Nirvana! Lucy knew best because one can bring home a large array that must be eaten immediately causing all kinds of problems....not all is save and reheat; or cold dishes can become,well, soggy. It can all be too much of a good thing!....Lovely Evesham offers all sorts of possibilities.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

What an interesting day! There's nothing better than filling up your flagon or three, maybe that way I'll find my Heathcliffe???? Must look up Pattipan Squashs and you know what they say about things which are forbidden!!! JantheFan x