Sunday, 29 January 2017

Fully Booked In More Ways Than One

According to the noticeboard down the way, the river is almost fully booked for fishing matches every Saturday and Sunday until the end of March …..
Private waters……. so there will be plenty of activity outside Riverside Towers over the coming weeks ……
illegal river fishingCopy of No fish to be taken away
However,  I couldn’t help also taking heed of the warnings about taking fish from the river, which is strictly illegal.
Riverside Fishing PosterNo fish to be taken away
I think Nigel is well over missing our fish back at The Castle, but I think I might just have a word with him just in case. I don’t want to stumble upon a secret hoard of fish swimming around under his bed (in a bowl or similar receptacle of course) and then be forced, through public duty, to hand him over to the relevant authorities ……. that would just be too awful to contemplate.


Mr.D said...

It all sounds rather fishy to me.

PharmacyMichele said...

Perhaps Nigel could sit alongside the fishermen or would he talk too much so they couldn't concentrate??


Dianne said...

Oh dear, oh dear...a secret hoard of fish!.....could he?..would he?....surely not!...Nigel needs to be given a special title to encourage him to see that all is as it should be when the fishing commences; he will be taking that responsibility very seriously!....happy riverside adventures, Dianne