Sunday, 15 January 2017

Great New From Sunny Florida

Despite our normal, happy go lucky air over Christmas and the New Year, we had actually been concealing a certain amount of angst and disappointment.Christmas Parcel arrives in FloridaTo be honest, we had all been feeling rather smug with ourselves as we had sent Darrell off to John Lewis in Birmingham to select, in his considered opinion, to be several  “very British” Christmas tree decorations for our daily commenter Dianne and Christopher, one of our 2011 adopted monkeys.  Christopher was the monkey who travelled the farthest to find a new home, and we were all very envious when he went to live in romantic and very, very, very, very warm Florida with Dianne and Doug.
Christmas in Florida USADarrell did us proud, finding four lovely glass baubles of a London feature type nature, which were duly packaged and posted before the end of November …… we thought, in more than ample time.
PACKAGE--6--IMG_1167However, despite checking every now and again with Dianne, the parcel failed to arrive, and then when Christmas came and went, followed by New Year, we were left crestfallen. But then yesterday, we got the wondrous news that the parcel had finally arrived, it was as emotional for us as it must have been for Dianne and Christopher. A very valuable lesson has now been learned, this Christmas, if need be, we will post in July, the mailing of our parcels across the Atlantic will never be found wanting again
Christmas in FloridaAnd, if we may say so, Christopher looks remarkably cool and fresh in all his pictures, because, from what he has told us, the heat in Florida has been exceptional this year, and underneath his chilled exterior, how shall we say politely, he was sweating like a pig had a certain glow about him!  Happy late Christmas Christopher xxxx


Mr.D said...

At least they arrived - better late than never.
They look great and they arrived unbroken. Well done Mrs. G's wrapping and well done the posties.

PharmacyMichele said...

Thank goodness the parcel arrived. I'll bet Darrell was "sweating like a pig", panicking they might have been lost. Christopher does look rather cool sat next to his Christmas gifts-he's obviously mastered the "chilled " look.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, as Michele says, Christopher does look well chilled out. Loving those glass baubles of a London feature type nature. A talking point if ever there was one in sunny Florida! JantheFan x

marc said...


Dianne said...

It was a special day when the Royal Mail package appeared on the doorstep! Never ever thought I would have such fab baubles from John Lewis!....Mum and the boys know the John Lewis Christmas adverts are an important tradition for me. We were just speechless at the thoughtfulness of these special gifts. I know how worried everyone was but we always had faith and felt they were just cruising along somewhere on the Atlantic ..... Christopher hopes they might have sailed on the Queen Mary! Luckily our little table top (faux)tree was still in place.....Christopher has mastered the art of remaining cool when we are in the 80F's (now)but well, the 90F's are a different story! that he is an experienced Floridian, Christopher knows you always wear sunglasses from the moment you poke your head out the door!....sending much love to all, Dianne and Christopher

Dianne said...

PS hard to believe, but struggling with a nasty full blown cold here in the semi tropics! I think the cold viruses become larger and stronger in the heat!..Dianne