Monday, 16 January 2017

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ….

Let’s just say Mr Pete, our Carpenter of choice, done good as far as sorting out Darrell and Nigel’s bedroom.
Bespoke BedroomThey have got such mahooooooosive smiles on their faces, it’s just like Christmas morning all over again.
Next Bed LinenIt’s everything they wanted and more ……… space for their clothes ……IMG_0347……. space for Nigel’s books ……
climbing opportunities……. and space, eventually, for all their treasures, Darrell having just done a bit of quick “dressing” for the purpose of these pictures.
Very large 60's glass vaseHowever, Darrell’s beloved vase, a present from Hugh just before Christmas, has already found a permanent place of honour.
Practical bedroom shelingThere are a few things that still need sorting, which accounts for Darrell spending quite some considerable time poring over the internet  looking for some suitable storage boxes, trying to find something that “…. are practical, yet enhanced, but still blended in an unobtrusive fashion!” ?????? What is he like?  I think, what he means is something blue!
nigelHowever, I am not so sure about Nigel’s fly away comment about the room having “ …….. a most ample plethora of hide and seek opportunities” ……. heaven help me!


Mr.D said...

Looking good.
"Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This …." Who am I to disagree?
Hide and seek opportunities? You'll never find him!

PharmacyMichele said...

Hmm-does Nigel mean he's going to play Hide & Seek or he's going to hide some of the ornaments + accessories in their room????


Anonymous said...

All so VERY exciting boyz! Liking Nigel's idea, looking for opportunities in all manner of things. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

The shelves look wonderful and give you great display/storage space! Riverside Towers is acquiring upgrades making it even more special. So many great design ideas! ....wonder what is next.....Love from Dianne

Mr.D said...
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