Thursday, 5 January 2017

We All Appreciate An Evocative Name

Though we love our cosy new address in Robins Corner, ……….
IMG_0090…….. Owletts End also has a certain romantic ring about it. It sounds like a place where magical (of a Harry Potter type nature) or murderous (of a Miss Marple type nature) things happen.  You can almost imagine blowing the dust off a leather bound tome  found  in the corner of a creepy old bookshop entitled “The Mystery of Owletts End”. 
owletts Although Nigel says it makes him think of a row of hungry, snuggled up baby owls, sitting on a branch, waiting for their mum to bring them some grubs and stuff!  On the other hand ……. we could all just have over active imaginations!


Mr.D said...

Great name and you have great imaginations, I imagine.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think you certainly do have very active imaginations but that's a wonderful thing. We also have a few unusual names for roads here too.


Dianne said...

That really is a most romantic name that gets the imagination going!.....hope Nigel doesn't come face to face with just how carnivorous owls, even baby owls, are......who knows what lurks there if Harry P. and Jane Marple are involved!.....have happy mysterious fun.....Dianne