Monday, 2 January 2017

Darrell’s Already Making Summery Plans ……

With Christmas now over and a whole new year laid out in front of us, Darrell decided that perhaps it might be an opportune time to start planning new adventures, to wit (yet) another Greek Odyssey ……..
Summer Holiday 2017We know there are an awful lot of other countries in the world to visit, but there again, there are also an awful lot of Greek Islands to visit too as yet uncharted by us!Thomas Cook 2017Last year we holidayed early in May, right in the middle of buying Riverside Towers. We were at that stage when we were just waiting for the solicitors to complete all the searches etc. It was nail biting stuff, but we reasoned, that we might as well nail bite and quaff the odd cheeky cocktail on a Greek beach rather than sit and nail bite at the slowly emptying Castle and minus the golden sands, azure coloured sea and skies and said cheeky cocktails, it was a no brainer really.
Coop Holidays 2017Holiday Brouchures
So we “did” Zante, it was glorious, and because it was early in the year, we always got our “favourite” sun-loungers at the edge of the sea without having to lay out our towels at one o’clock in the morning, twe generally had the pool to ourselves and Vlad, our beach waiter of choice, was always on hand for our liquid refreshment and the odd beach fruit salad without our having to wait more than a minute or two.
Greek Odyssey 2017So, tonight, we are planning on a little gentle perusal, accompanied no doubt by a debate or two, none heated and perhaps one of Darrell’s most excellent cocktails to get us in mood and who knows a plan may be formulated ….. happy days!


Mr.D said...

Very early planning. Well done.
Summery plans or summary plans?

PharmacyMichele said...

Ooh-holiday plans, can't wait to hear what the decision is. It's my 50th birthday this year & we're planning on doing something "different " but not decided yet.


Dianne said...

Oh, the Greek isles do beckon.... They have proven themselves to never disappoint!..those beaches are the stuff of dreams....will be looking forward to the details....sending good wishes for the 2017 Greek Odyssey....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh bliss...........enjoy planning. JantheFan x