Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Darrell Takes The First Step

I had noticed Darrell had been a bit distracted since New Year, looking sideways at himself in the mirror, pinching various parts of his body like his stomach, thighs and derriere and asking me more than once  if I thought he had bingo wings …….
slimming world 1Well, yesterday, he toddled off to the Masonic Hall ……..
slimming world…….. and took the first step!
walking through the doorHe returned an hour or so later with his members pack and some Slimming World Scandinavian Oat Bran Crispbreads and sat in the corner reading and planning his next weeks meals.  He says he doesn’t want a fuss and we are to act normal round him, he has “……got this one”! 


Mr.D said...

I had to Google "bingo wings." Too many chicken wings could cause bingo wings.
Good look with the diet!

PharmacyMichele said...

Well done Darrell-I think I need to take his lead and return to my local SlimmingWorld. Most things in my wardrobe have "shrunk "!!


Anonymous said...

If Darrell needs some exercise to help shed those extra pounds - he hasn't got far to go to do some swimming! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

UUHO! the new year always seems to encourage a good long look in the mirror and stoically face the ravages of the past year. Good for Darrell stopping any deterioration before it gets out of hand! Do you suppose he is contemplating a Speedo for the Greek Odyssey? ......those healthy snacks sound pretty good; always like crunchy treats!...happy exercising, love Dianne