Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Riverside Moggy

Contrary to what you may believe, I don’t spend ALL my time looking out the back windows of our bijoux apartment (said in a French accent), I just spend quite a bit of my time looking, as there always seems to be something going on.
riverside moggy 3…… And this week, I have noticed a new visitor, to wit, we now seem to have a moggy who likes to sit next to the fence, looking down at the river, most probably keeping a beady eye on the wild birds, but I am not so sure if cats are also interested in duck or swans.
riverside moggy 5riverside moggy
We are not sure who he belongs to, but it’s doubtful it to someone in Riverside Towers because when we signed over our lives the papers for the leasehold with our solicitor one of the rules was that we couldn’t have any pets ( …..or play musical instruments), so I think he must belong to one of the houses on the estate.
riverside cat  Still it is very nice to watch what he gets up to ……..
riverside moggy. a……… and it has made me think, as I said, we can’t have a pet ……. now obviously that’s cats and dogs, but I wonder if that includes a fish, or a budgie, a snake or a lizard or as Nigel would absolutely love, a house rabbit (or in our case a flat rabbit)  …… I must get the paperwork out again, and see if it stipulates in more detail.


Mr.D said...

I think a swan wouldn't have any problem with a cat.
Flat rabbit - sounds cruel.

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm saying nothing about a "flat rabbit "!! Maybe suggest looking after a cactus instead of a pet??


Pamela said...

Aaaahhhh that's such a pretty kitty! Very much like my fur baby that I had to have put down last Easter - I miss her so much.

Dianne said...

Questions from Nigel of a pet nature are bound to surface sooner or later.....the best hope might be "borrowing", actually conscripting the swans for duty, as the official Riverside Towers family pets; once he remembers the Queen has swans, it might be the selling point (hope he forgets the Corgis) ....hoping Nigel won't entertain ANY ideas of the snake sort.......never know what will pop into Nigel's busy brain!....Love from Dianne