Friday, 6 January 2017

An Icy Awakening

This morning we were all awoken from our slumbers by an almighty clattering, followed by the pelting of water on the windows, it took me a while to work out what was happening from the warmth of my bed, but then it came to me ……. as bijoux apartment (said in a French accent) dwellers we no longer have to worry about cleaning our own windows, it gets done for us, how brilliant is that?iced up windowsHowever, when I got up and rolled up the blind I couldn’t help a wry smile ……..
window cleaning day……. according to the radio, last night was the coldest night in the UK so far this winter, the temperature plummeted to –8c …….. it was still just as cold this morning …… and, what better time to erm ……. clean the windows on the block!
window cleaning roundSo ……. the water that was being used to wash the windows had frozen there and then!   We may have been a bit tardy in removing the snowflake stickers from our festive windows, but this morning they added just the right tone to our very romantic, almost Victorian type winter vista but in modern times!


Mr.D said...

Wow, -8°C. That is unusually cold for England.
I'm sure Dianne doesn't get such temperatures. Neither do we.

PharmacyMichele said...

Unusual timing for the window cleaner. Can't wait to see what the views of the river look like if you get any snow-think it would look magical.


Dianne said...

Oh my, that is truly a cold we will never see! ...but one year in the 1950s there was a (very) light sprinkling of snow in the state capital, Tallahassee (northern Florida). And years ago in north central Florida, we did get frost and ice on the car. Large winter storm heading to southeast so we will see 50F's briefly; can't wait....Mr.D,hope Mexico won't get any of the messy rain storms in the US west ......lucky you with window washers keeping all ship shape; it can be quite wonderful watching someone else do the maintenance!.....Bundle up and enjoy the river views!....Love to all...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Dianne - warm and dry here but cooler at night.
We don't get rain storms this time of the year.