Sunday, 1 January 2017

Celebrating The First Day Of 2017 With An Announcement Of Great Import

Well, it has to be said that Darrell done well last night with his pertinent river colour based cocktails, they slipped down very easily and miraculously without leaving any trace of muddle-fuddle-headedness this morning……..
Riverside Towers…… so much so that we are able to start  2017 with an announcement of great import! After much debate, we have finally all agreed on a name for our Evesham home ……. a fanfare of trumpets please……..
Riverside Towers..From henceforth and here on in our bijoux riverside apartment will now be fondly referred to as Riverside Towers. We didn’t want to over egg the robin/nest/squirrel pudding, but it soon became apparent that “Riverside” was the most popular suggestion among our followers and so an obvious choice. And Towers? Well, looking up from the riverbank, the three storeys do look a little imposing! Thank you to everyone who helped with all their wonderful suggestions ……. you've done us proud …… so, ladies and gentlemen, pray raise your glasses on this first day of  2017 to Riverside Towers and all who live in her!


Mr.D said...

Riverside Towers - sounds great.
It slips off the tongue as easily as one of Darrell's cocktails.

Anonymous said...

Riverside Towers - perfect! I'll raise a glass or five to that - hic! JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Happy New Year boys. Glad to hear the cocktails haven't left you feeling ropey this morning. Riverside Towers eh-very appropriate & very grand. I will add it to my address book at once.


Dianne said...

Hooray for Riverside Towers! absolutely perfect in every way......thinking this will inspire Darrell in all sorts of decorating and party motifs.....wonderful Riverside happenings await!...May this be an especially Happy New Year for one and all at Riverside Towers......sending Happy New Year wishes to all....Dianne