Monday, 23 January 2017

Evesham Boudoir Lounging …..

I am just praying that Darrell doesn’t spot this very glamorous, champagne coloured chaise lounge before it’s sold ……… otherwise I know he will rush home to tell me that it has his name written all over it in  Swarovski crystals and then ask for the £50 to buy it! Chaise lounge for saleHe had set his heart on a said chaise lounge since revelling in the delights of Hugh’s faux leopard skin with the matching gold lame scatter cushions that he has in his ensuite bathroom at his London residence.
cream chiase lounge £50I suppose I should thank goodness that bijoux riverside dwelling does not allow for such “luxuries”, however I don’t doubt Darrell‘s powers of persuasion in that it could be recovered in leopard plush and be every inch as wonderful as Hugh’s, and at that I will just politely hand him the tape measure and ask him exactly where he thinks it would fit in.


Mr.D said...

Looks good. I can just see Darrell lying on it, with a posh drink.

PharmacyMichele said...

Maybe it's a good thing there isn't room in your new apartment or Darrell could be purchasing all manner of things.


Dianne said...

Oh the temptation of it all will make Darrell dream of hours of lounging and that won't be easy to shake off! Sadly,the tape measure will scuttle those lounging dreams pronto! Keep dreaming Darrell .....Love you, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps a mermaid might wish to lounge on there with a cocktail or three??? JantheFan x