Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More Romantic Things Goings On …..

Nigel has always reckoned that the most romantic thing he could ever wash in real life was an elephant.Nigel Evesham Marina…….. but all that has dramatically changed since he saw what was going on at the marina yesterday morning …….
washing barges …… when he saw a gentleman “washing” one of the barges, which must have taken him most of the day even using his very powerful power hose (not advisable for washing an elephant) ……
washing a barge 1…….. which is probably why, reasoned Nigel, using a sponge, bucket and some fairy liquid might be out of the question time wise.  It had never occurred to him that anyone would ever wash a barge, so this kept him riveted until I called him in for lunch.  It was, he said, the most romantic thing he had ever seen being washed live!  What is he like?
NigelThank goodness that we haven’t got a coracle as he and Darrell keep suggesting, as Nigel would have been across that river before you could say “Ship Ahoy”
working on bargeNigel also spotted another gentleman doing some work on his barge, it almost all tooooooooooo idyllic for words.  Nigel even muted that perhaps we should forgo our usual Greek Odyssey this year for a floating staycation, but as none of us can actually drive I don’t think it would be a wise idea, however I did promise him that as soon as the boat trips start again in Evesham we will “test the waters”.
Celebrity-Carry-on-BargingPost Note:- Darrell has been flicking through the TV channels and informed me that Channel 5 have a new reality series starting soon called “Celebrity Carry on Barging”, I think this may well be our reality programme of choice for a few weeks when it starts!


Mr.D said...

"Carry on Barging" sounds like another "Carry on" movie.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Nigel is going to seated permanently looking across the river. He might want his meals served to him so he doesn't miss anything!


Anonymous said...

Tell Nige to copy and paste this link - you might all enjoy this. It brings back such happy memories to me.


JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Barges do make you think of all sorts of romantic waterway adventures.....do they have drive/float in barge washes like drive in car washes? from pictures I have seen they seem to be very popular for summer holidays _truly romantic visions for Nigel to ponder and keep him occupied! ...Happy barge watching, Dianne

Mr.D said...

JtF - I just thought about putting a link to the same song, for the first time in years!
Great minds think alike - or fools never differ?