Friday, 27 January 2017

New Developments On The River Bank

There has been a lot of activity on the  river bank just down the way from us …..
new riverside developmentsI think it might be an extension to the fisherman’s car parking facilities, but, if it were me, I would be erecting a small hut for the purveying of fine doorstep bacon and sausage sandwiches and steaming mugs of tea for the aforementioned fisherman especially on match days.
New pathway And, ……. a new footpath has appeared, which leads to the weir and barge moorings. We used it when it was very overgrown and our passage often risked nettle stung ankles!  In the summer we took our friends Julia, T and Sarah down it and I think they were rather nervous of where we were leading them!  It will certainly be easier to walk along the river, but sadly, it was also a prime spot for our blackberry foraging  (now all pulled up), but that’s progress I suppose.  I shall keep my eyes open for all further developments.


Mr.D said...

Great having a path but shame about the blackberries.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh no-new path means no blackberries. Let's hope you find other places to forage.


Anonymous said...

Oh that all will be interesting to watch - along with the fence from yesterday. There is always something going on down your way. Wasn't that the name of a BBC 4 radio programme in the dark ages - Down Your Way?! The things I have locked in my brain. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Never ending happenings on the river......what a great idea and much needed riverside food service! The path is certainly improved and ready for spring and summer walks!...walking is one of the best helps for those slimming efforts .......hope this is a happy day, Love, Dianne