Saturday, 21 January 2017

Nigel’s Deal Breaker

Settling down to every day life in Evesham the subject of hairdressers has inevitably reared it’s head, especially when I had to suggest to Nigel that his hair had started to look a little unruly.  He said I was right, and that he had been thinking the same himself. So off he popped into town to find himself a new hairdresser, saying, as he left, that he had very exacting standards and would be looking for a wall full of certificates before anyone was allowed to set scissors on his “fair locks”.New Hairdresser choiceHowever, when he got back, very neatly coiffed I must say, it became quite obvious that though certificates for hair cutting was important to him, he had been swayed by something completely different ……..
How to choose a hairdresser……. to wit, an ample selection of free help yourself sweeties, well, he reasoned, it would have looked most rude not to allow the lovely Kay to give him a complete restyle and blow dry after he had availed himself of a packet of golden bears, a strawberry mojo and a roll of parma violets and a candy cane while looking at her said certificates ……
How to choose a new hairdresser. Haribo Goldbears ……. not to mention the Tunnocks Teacake he very much enjoyed with his cafeteria coffee.
teacakeWhat is he like …….. if rather full and beautifully coiffed!


Mr.D said...

Looking good!
Parma Violets? Still available?
I can still taste them in "my mind's eye", whatever that means.

PharmacyMichele said...

Good choice Nigel-a hairdressers that offers food is a brilliant idea.


Dianne said...

Always a serious undertaking finding a new stylist; who could blame him for ignoring certificates when such a wealth of goodies is positively irresistible and got his taste buds in high gear? This has to be one of the best days ever with a dazzling new do and all the treats Nigel could desire! ...Enjoy this happy day, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Having a good chuckle to myself and wondering if I can find a hairdressers who offers Tunnocks Teacakes with a cut and blow wave because if I can I'll be there every day! JantheFan x