Thursday, 19 January 2017

A No Calorie Meal?

Poor Darrell, he is taking his new eating regime very, very seriously, and I am fully behind him, but I am afraid Nigel, though supportive, also sees it as an opportunity to get one up on Darrell!
Bug BallsYesterday he was at a loose end so popped into our local Pets Are Us  Just For Pets for a mooch, hoping to see some cute rabbits, guinea pigs etc. only to find they were all gone, all they had were fish and they were off limits to staff only. A little disappointed he decided to browse the shelves instead, as he had nothing better to do.Live reptile foodHe was immediately drawn to the bags of brightly coloured Bug Balls and couldn’t help but wonder what they tasted like and if they were chewy! The “live” food also looked very interesting, if a bit jumpy and wriggly. Watching the Bush Tucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity has erm ……. opened a whole new world of culinary possibilities to us, though we have, as of yet, never felt the urge to veer in that direction.
Live reptile food no calories. bush tucker trailHowever, Nigel, with his lively imagination, wondered that as there didn’t appear to be any calorific values on any of the boxes they could be considered as a “free” food on Darrell’s diet. Unfortunately, there were no serving suggestions either, so he is now going to see if Ant and Dec has brought out a spin off Bush Tucker Trial Cook Book, before making any “helpful” suggestions to Darrell.  Heaven help us all!


Mr.D said...

Good luck with this one!

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel could write a book-Eveshams exotic Eats. It could feature things like the Bug Balls & recipe ideas.


Dianne said...

Darrell is going to need a "food checker" to ensure a certain quality level! Particularly if Nigel gets any ideas regarding the wiggle and move food group....will Nigel's next stop be the health food store?.....bon appetite, Dianne