Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Time To Bid Another Fond Farewell

It’s time for us to bid a fond farewell to Hugh and his countryside menagerie for a little while at least ……..
IMG_2269…… we have much to do back in Evesham, and Hugh, judging from the few telephone conversations he (reluctantly) took from his agent while we have been here is very much in demand in London too.
IMG_2256It was an emotional parting, but Hugh giving Nigel a tub of Millionaires Mini Bites, which he informed the little fella, with straight face and a knowing wink, was staple sweetmeat of all the rich people he knew in Notting Hill, and, for that matter, all round the world, made us all smile …as Nigel swallowed every single word ……..
IMG_2357……… but at least it eased the pain of leaving Hugh’s beloved chickens, even the knitted ones, behind for him!


Mr.D said...

Another wonderful visit to see Hugh and Marc.

"…as Nigel swallowed every single word ……" and every Millionaire's Mini Bite?

Anonymous said...

With Nige on the Millionaires Mini-Bites - I would probably sell my soul if someone offered me a tub! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

So sad when it is time to say farewell to Hugh and this idyllic corner of paradise....lovely Nigel has a delicious gift to soften the the knitted chickens and what lucky chickens to share Hugh's country home....Love, Dianne