Thursday, 30 August 2012

Assisting In Matters Of A Forensic And Probing Type Nature.

I did not return directly to Wolverhampton from Brixham,  as I partook in a slight detour with Tom the Scientist to assist him in matters of a forensic nature. Unfortunately, in order to protect the security of the nation, I am not at liberty to divulge ANYTHING that I have seen, heard, smelt, touched, tasted or even vaguely suspected …… which is why there is no photographic evidence of my presence in the laboratories of a criminally investigative type nature.
Forensic Monkey…… However,  I don’t think that there would be any serious recriminations if I just mused on how very romantic it was to wear scrubs, mask, hairnet, goggles AND white rubber boots …… I almost felt scientific and probing myself…..
images (30)…… And….  that Tom had assigned me to the “Case Basket” …. which I had to take round to each scientific type person in turn and ask them to take on a new case ….. which I did with due diligence.  Tom told me that if they chased after me to swop their case, saying that they didn’t like it, I was to give them a hard stare and say there weren’t any swops, with the firmness and authority we had practiced in his office!
magazine-basketIt was an experience, and an experience I tried to embrace ….. but to be honest I think I would prefer to remain a stranger to the test tube, Bunsen burner and sticky substances of an unknown nature and origin and leave it to the professionals!
images (30)


Anonymous said...

I don't know about a case basket, maybe more a basket case?
Janthefan x
p.s. a rather marvellous blog today may I say!

Di said...

Ack! Totally gross green goo :( Barf. Di xx

marc said...

RICK gets that mag have you been probing him in your kinky white boots and hairnet i hope you took one back for darrell to wear at night so he can keep his locks in place by the way you need to tell him short hair is back in and beards are the new hair thing big show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Crikey! Your continuing new experiences are keeping us glued to the computer! There are no fields you haven't explored.. (well,there might be) do look the professional and very much the scientist in your mask goggles and hairnet....but perhaps a less gooey, icky desk job would suit you better...Love Dianne

Mr.D said...

My thought exactly Jan the Fan. I think it is a case for Mulder and Scully rather than Tom the Scientist.