Sunday, 26 August 2012

Brixham Lifeboat

I’ve been away for a few days as I have been down to Brixham to say a final goodbye to Andy. Darrell and Nigel would have liked to have been there too, but after much robust debate it was felt that as the elder I should represent all of us, as room in the car was of a premium. Brixham HarbourNaturally, the days were tinged with a little sadness, but, we were also there to celebrate the wonderful legacy in Andy’s memory in the form of a donation from family and friends towards the running of the Brixham RNLI lifeboat, which we hope we can continue to build on in the future.
041The highlight of our trip and totally unexpected was a tour of the Brixham lifeboat and lifeboat station.
037OMG …… Darrell and Nigel would have LOVED it so much, so I embraced the experience for them, as well as myself in a totally blessed Hello Magazine type way.
031Taking the helm of the boat has got to be one of my ultimate life highlights …. my hands were shaking as I thought of all the heroic rescues that had been raced to from this seat of power.
033But … I looked around …..
034….. at all the buttons and switches ….
Brixham Lifeboat ,,,…. and instruments of a very complicated mariner type nature …
Brixham Lifeboat…. I was sad that Darrell and Nigel could not with me, but in another way I was a little thankful and relieved too, as all those aforementioned buttons, switches and complicated instruments may have proved too much temptation for curious and impulsive fingers …….
Lifeboat Brixam.…… and an unofficial launch would have proved just too embarrassing to bear!
046It was all very, very wonderful and I felt unbelievably honoured and privileged to have been allowed onto a “real live”  lifeboat. 
044I learned soooooo much too from Mr Elliman, the Lifeboat Operations Manager, who took us around … and enjoyed his story about rescuing goats that had fallen from a cliff top ……it’s a day that will stay with me for a long, long time ….. and when I got home it didn’t take too much robust debate for Darrell, Nigel and myself to decide that from henceforth and infinitum the RNLI will always be our charity of choice!


Anonymous said...

A fitting tribute indeed.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

A sad day but also a most special and memorable one to honour Andy's love for Brixham and present the donations made in his memory to Brixham RNLI. A beautiful place in every way.....The lifeboat is definitely not the place for inquiring minds who would be tempted by buttons, switches, and other fascinating gadgets! You do look very official and capable at the helm. I have no doubt you would be an invaluable crew member, should the occasion arise....Much Love ..Dianne

Mr.D said...

A great tribute to Andy.
I think Nigel or Darrell might have thought they were in Baywatch and started to run in slow motion.