Friday, 24 August 2012

Tonight …..

Psychologies magazine
Tonight I am mostly reading Psychologies …..
003x….. and have gained much insight into the mashinations of both …….
011….. Nigel’s and Darrell’s minds ……. I have reached some robust and interesting conclusions …….
Clement Freud…… all of which I think Freud would have been facinated by and which may even have changed his whole path of thinking had he ever too had the “pleasure” of analysing them himself! ……


Mr.D said...

I hope this Freud wouldn't have decided to cook Monkey. Maybe Clement would have brought his dog, Henry the bloodhound along.
I suspect this may confuse some younger or overseas readers.

Di said...

Snort, so funny :) Di xx

marc said...

oe as he often said henry and i love mince morsels

i loved henry as he was a basset with big legs lol ok a bloodhound but like a basset big love marc

Anonymous said...

Am not familiar with Clement or Henry, but no doubt Darrell and Nigel's minds are truly as highly individual, interesting, fascinating and inventive as any brain cells around....but definitely no cotton wool there! Monkey contemplating their minds before bedtime might lead to some unusual and restless dreams ....Love Dianne