Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nigel’s Off To The Zoo …. Tomorrow, Zoo Tomorrow, Zoo Tomorrow!

Robust health.It’s Lucy’s birthday tomorrow and her birthday wish was to visit Chester Zoo with a stay in a posh hotel, which Andy, who was always very organised,  had sorted out for her before he went to heaven. … Tom and The Lovely Laura are going too …. and Andy had told Lucy that she could also invite one more special guest …and she, for reasons best known to herself, chose Nigel!
Chester ZooTo say that Nigel is excited would be a robust understatement, we didn’t dare tell him until the very last minute knowing that he wouldn’t be able to contain his joy and natural effervescence, as zoos are his very favouritist places to visit. Whilst helping Nigel to pack Darrell took him aside and tried to instil in Nigel how important maintaining a good behaviour ethic was, especially as he would be a guest in a premier establishment where taking “found” creatures back to his room might not be looked upon favourably….
Chester Zoo VisitDarrell also thought that it would be a nice gesture if Nigel and he put together a small gift for the aforementioned Tom, The Lovely Laura and Lucy ….as a thank you for his invitation and their erm ….. patience!
white jazzels So they put together bags of everyone’s favourite confectionary comestibles, white Jazzles for the Birthday Girl, Pint Pots for Tom and a mahoooooosive Sour Apple Cable for The Lovely Laura…..
Birthday Gifts aplenty……using the lovely and very apt Monkey party bags Christopher and Dianne had sent us from romantic and warm Florida in the US of A.
Monkey gift bagsDarrell told Nigel to keep them safely hidden until they had partaken in their evening meal and retired to the guest lounge where everyone had planned (in secret) to give Lucy her cards and presents ….. He also stressed that Nigel was NOT, under any circumstances, to take them to the zoo to feed the animals OR be tempted himself to have a sneaky nibble to check their freshness whilst under the flawed misapprehension that they may have gone stale in his suitcase! ……. Have a lovely time Nigel …and a Happy Birthday Lucy …..!!


marc said...

have fun at the Zoo and be a good boy and have a hippobirthday Lucy big love marc and Hugh

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to Lucy! How very special this trip will be with Andy working his magic leading the way and guiding the happy good times and fun for all...we know it will be unforgettable for everyone... and Nigel's good behavior will be an example to all, I'm certain...Enjoy this lovely celebration!!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy, a poignant weekend in lots of ways. Hope we get some pics from Nigel of things all wild!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Happy birthday Lucy. I hope the zoo doesn't try to put Nigel in a cage.