Saturday, 25 August 2012

Of A Totally Unavailable Type Nature

Au’jourdhui we are having une Duvet Day …..
Duvet Day
We have back to back Jeremy Kyle, Judge Judy, et Dickinson’s Real Deal to watch ….. no phone, no text, no e-mail ….. avec an ample et sufficient supply de giant Milky Bar buttons et de vimto, et une warm wheat bag apiece to snuggle …… S’ILVOUS PLAIT NE DISTURB!


Anonymous said...

Move over - zee handsome boyz - I am coming to joins you. I want to eat zee buttons!
JanZeeFan x
p.s can I watch Neighbours though?

Mr.D said...

"Ne pas déranger" means "Do not disturb" in French. For the three in the photo, maybe the past tense is better - disturbed or deranged?
I think JanZeeFan has been watching Allo Allo. Good "moaning" to you all.
Monsieur D.

marc said...

give me the buttons big love marc

Di said...

Ha, ha - love the comments above :)

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

You've been to London, experienced the mahoosive excitement of the Olympics with Vinnie and Auntie Jan, visited world famous sights in London, visited Hugh and his family and saw his glamorous show biz life, and now a duvet day, and a French one no less! You boys do know how to live the good life....Enjoy....Dianne