Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vinnie - Games Maker London 2012–Assigned To The Aquatics Centre

Vinnie was sooooo mahooooosively excited yesterday when he e-mailed us because when he got to “Workforce Check” in the morning he found he had got his Reward and Recognition Card, which means that whenever he reports for a shift he will receive a surprise gift/reward, which is almost just too Olymptasically romantic to take in!
London 2012 Games MakerEach time he logs in Vinnie should get a stamp, but Vinnie's was all the more special because someone had taken the time not to stamp his card, but to draw a smiley face on it instead……
London 2012 Games Maker..His first reward was his very own Games Maker Journal, somewhere to record all his memorable memories of his journey as a Games Maker of an London 2012 Olympic type nature,  just how brilliant is that? What a treasure, Vinnie said that he couldn’t stop looking at it or stroking it to make sure it was real!
vinnie Games Maker Journal London 2012 Vinnie says that he is trying to get used to his feelings of being totally overwhelmed and goosebumpy, but every day seems to bring something that takes his breath away …. and fills him with even more emotion.
Vinnie The Games Maker 2012 Olympic Village ShopAfter their shift Vinnie and Auntie Jan like to stroll through the Olympic Village to drink up the atmosphere and pinch themselves …. whilst doing this they have found an exclusive shop of a merchandise type nature that is only available in the village ….. both Vinnie and Auntie Jan would like to purchase of it copiously, but sense and sensibility have to step in after a time …. However, Vinnie as enquired on our behalf as to whether a soundtrack of Paul McCartney’s performance will be available either to download or on CD …. as he said he thinks that it would be the ultimate souvenir that he could bring us back from the Olympiad ….. what he he like? …. We are HOPING against HOPE that he is only joshing !!!!


tilly said...

How kind of Vinnie to think of bringing you your own track of Paul. Vinnie looks over the moon with his journal and smiley face card! what a star!

Mr.D said...

Maybe they will have a special medal for them. Not gold, silver or bronze - maybe a green one?

Anonymous said...

My cup overfloweth with the tangible excitement of the Olympiad experience only enhanced by our 'own man' being there bringing us day to day account of true life behind the scenes. I think Sir Paul might even give you a repeat one to one performance of that memorable song if you ask him kindly.
He might have a bit of time on his hands now or perhaps resting after his epic and memorable performance.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Each day brings Vinnie as well as us readers, more and more memorable moments.... Such an impressive display of sense and sensibility when facing a veritable conucopia of Olympic goodies!! Love Love Love all his badges, pins and entire Olympic wardrobe...Vinnie's lookin' good and sooooo officially Olympic....poor old Paul M.; perhaps he was just too overcome with emotion.....Love to all ..Dianne

marc said...

vinnie you are a real star big show biz wave Hugh

Allie Jolliffe said...

So much to be proud of even at this early stage of the Olympiad (not least the fact that I am getting a special and romantic sneak peek behind the scenes, courtesy of the fabulous Vinnie). We have gold medals!

I am watching highlights from the aquatic centre as I type, hoping that maybe I might catch a tiny glimpse of Vinnie about his duties!

It's all sooooooooo mahoosively romantic and exciting! :)))