Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Our Day at The London 2012 Olympic Games–A Day To Remember

Olympic Park London 2012 Where do we start?London 2012 Olympic StadiumJust being in The Olympic Park fair took our breath away.  We just couldn’t comprehend that at that moment we were in the middle of the whole world’s focus, or to big it up even more …..we were at the centre of our Universe …..
2012 Sports Arena Seeing, smelling, hearing, breathing, feeling …….  almost tasting history as it was being made all around us.
2012 OrbitWe were all covered in mahooooosive goosebumps, but realised that if we didn’t calm down and quickly, we wouldn’t be able to absorb all that was going on and as the Korea v Russia women’s handball semi finals we had tickets for didn’t start until 5 o’clock we had almost a whole day to explore and embrace robustly The London 2012 Experience.London 2012 NBCSo ….. we lingered for quite a while outside the NBC studio (just as Vinnie had done) bobbing up and down and waving profusely just in case Dianne, Doug and Christopher in sunny Florida were watching and might see us!
London 2012 Jamie Oliver0
We in turn spotted Jamie Oliver getting ready for a cookery demonstration and Ryan Seacrest from American Idol …… and someone called Alistair Campbell, who we didn’t really know but who seemed to be enjoying his Magnum until this nutty overexcited woman in the crowd molested accosted him …….
Copy of 052We would have liked to have had our picture taken right in front of  the Olympic Rings but the queue was mahoooosive, so we posed as best as we could from a romantic distance.London 2012 Olympic RingsWe also waved up at the BBC TV Studio (below) which seemed to be perched on what looked like storage containers and someone waved back, but we’re not really sure who it was, but we like to think that it was Gary Linekar having a crisp break between takes!BBC Studio Olympic ParkThen we went to see Gloriana ……
Gloriana The barge of our beloved Queen and kindly lent by her to David Beckham to transport the Olympic Flame to the Opening Ceremony because there would have been so many health and safety implications if he had tried to bring it in via the underground or in a taxi or on the bus!
Monkey Olympic Park FlowersOlympic Flower Beds London 2012
…… And we cannot begin to tell you how beautiful all the planting around the park was, it was just stunning, like an English country garden.
Olympic Park Flowers NigelSo beautiful in fact that we are thinking that we should use some of these pictures in the 2013 calendar that we are thinking of putting together.
London 2012 Velodrome The PringleTeam GB’s success in the Velodrome (or Pringle) has made us think that perhaps we should consider taking up cycling as a legacy of the 2012 Games ….. it also seems a most excellent way of getting a pair of shapely turned calves!
Copper Book Olympic ParkBut  …… the most exciting moment of all was when we were actually able to take our seats in the Copper Box for the ladies handball.
Copper Box .….. To be honest we don’t have a clue about handball, but it just didn’t matter ….
Copper Box London 2012We were at an Olympic event and it was toooooooo wonderful to describe….. from the warm ups, the Mexican waves, the lights, the music, the roar of the crowd ……Handball Copper Box London 2012…… watching all the television cameras, sitting in the middle of Norwegians ….. and cheering at the top of our voices until we were hoarse as the teams come out, watching them play, seeing the joy of the Korean girls when they won……
Handball Woo Korea….. and the abject sorrow and tears of the Russian girls when they realised that their Olympic dream had came to an end.  It was an emotional rollercoaster ride none of us will every forget and doubt if we will ever experience again.
London 2012 Park LiveAfter, overwrought with emotional exaltation  we decided to sit a while in the Park Live arena, it seemed so peaceful but still of a very excited type nature.
Park Live London 2012Now and again we could hear a mahoooooosive roar coming from the hockey arena ….. it was a sound none of us will every forget ……. it sent chills that were constantly multiplying down our spines.
London 2012 Winners Podium“A man who is tired of the Olympics is tired of life” ……. and if we were Oliver Twist we would be saying “Please sir ….. we want some more!”
people watching….. My most favourite memory/picture of the day? Was one of Darrell just sitting in silence ….. just watching as thousands of people walked by …. lost in his own Olympic World …..
Olympic Stadium London 2012Quelle Journee ….. !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh WoW (again!) boys, You have added to my Olympic experience. Thank you for bringing that wonderful, entertaining and detailed view of the Olympics into my home. You embroidered it beautifully without any need for the needles! I'm SO pleased you have memories to stay with you for life!
JantheFan x
p.s. loving those flower pics too.

Di said...

Wonderful account boys - and I agree with JantheFan - those flower piccies are amazing!

I'm totally with the idea of a calendar for 2013 - can you ask Mum what she thinks about putting one together and perhaps having copies printed - paid in advance orders. I'd want at least three please.

Hugs, and so pleased to see that Nigel was covered up! Di xx

Anonymous said...

The pictures of all of you in this magnificient Olympic event are true treasures for us fans....we can just feel your excitement and know you will remember your amazing journey to London forever...every picture gives us a view of your day and makes us feel as though we were there with you!!! The posts are wonderful in every way!!! Exciting here when we watched the TV coverage knowing all of you were RIGHT THERE!!!...Love you ..Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS OH OH....yes PLEEEEAAASE a calendar!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!ALL three of you are gold medal winners in All events in our eyes!.. Dianne

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time!

A paid in advance (as Di said) Calendar would be fab as well. x

Mr.D said...

I hope you didn't step in any Olympic history left by the police horses.
I trust there will be no builder's bum shots of Nigel in the calendar!
What a great day.

marc said...

we are going to buy packs of those olympic park seeds to plant at dads and around waste grounds in london as they spent 3 years getting them just right and they do look fab they have them to flower all spring and summer long fabtastic