Monday, 13 August 2012

Please Bare With Us …..!!!!

The Orbit London 2012With all the excitement of our little sojourn to London, our posts are a bit out of kilter ….. The Olympics' Games may be finished but we still have a couple more exciting hitherto unseen updates from Vinnie …. who has now moved on to work as a Games Maker in the Aquatics Centre for the Paralympics …. There seems to be that much happening at the moment in our lives that we just can’t keep up ….. we have always prided ourselves on being robustly on the button and professional  …. but please as our title says …… bare with us!
Builders Bum


Debbie said...

Nigel you need to give up those sugary sweets. Your trousers are too tight! Hugs x

Di said...

Oh Nigel - a builder's bum to be proud of!!

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Will be looking forward to hearing about Vinnie and Auntie Jan's new volunteer work.... always able to depend on those two! Love every post no matter where or when....NIgel's bum is amazing, soooo photogenic!! Dianne

marc said...

made me smile but if any one could make pants to fit nigels size they could make a lot of money on ebay you just cant find trousers to fit
big love marc