Thursday, 23 August 2012

More News (Admittedly A Little Late) From Games Maker Vinnie–A Thank You of Olympic Proportions ….

SAMSUNG            Vinnie has sent us a few pictures of his final romantic Olympic Day to peruse…. whilst he begins his preparations for his even more wonderful Paralympic Days….
SAMSUNG            He said that after all the 10km Marathon Swim Events had finished in Hyde Park …….
SAMSUNG            There was a mahoooosive “Thank You/Wrap” party for all the volunteers who had worked in Hyde Park … like Auntie Jan and his good self. He said that there was a most sufficient finger buffet, drinks of every denomination and as many Cadbury mini chocolates as you could put in your mouth, pockets, bags  and anywhere else you could erm ……. shove place them ……
SAMSUNG            There was also a free draw, which Vinnie entered and embraced …..
SAMSUNG            …… and when his name was called out as a winner of keyring of an exclusive Olympic type nature he said that everyone cheered and clapped for him, which made him blush with pride that everyone knew who he was!
SAMSUNG            There were also Thank You Certificates akimbo for everyone …. Vinnie said that he was going to frame his and put it in pride of place on the already festooned mantelpiece as soon as he gets home “for real” after the Paralympics.
SAMSUNG            Vinnie also admitted that although he doesn’t usually imbibe, especially when on duty, as it was “A Wrap” he let his hair down just this once and partook of one of the aforementioned drinks of all denominations!  Well done, Bottoms Up, Cheers and Bon Santé Vinnie, you earned it!


Anonymous said...

Great ending to an historic occasion Vinnie is going to part of the Paralympic games watch out for Stephen Miller, I used to teach him when he was a wee lad.
Here is his website
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

So very wonderful for us readers to share this fantastic experience with Vinnie; Vinnie looks every bit the ultimate Olympic volunteer....a lifetime memory with so much to be proud of and very well deserved recognition for Vinnie's dedicated hard work....Congratulations Vinnie!!! Dianne

marc said...

Vinnie you did so well you are a real star and we loved meeting up with you and of coarse the wounderful Aunty jan who has done just as much but is a bit shy and does not like the flash of the camara on her it was privalige to mee you both and Rick and Stephan send their love and say good luck with the para olympics its already getting busy in london i think its going to be just as special as the olympics was in fact i think nearly every ticket is sold out already for the park you take care Big show biz wave and big love marc and Hugh

Mr.D said...

We need more Vinnies in the world.
Darrell can let his hair down - all the way to the floor while he is standing up or to the bottom drawer of the cabinet.

Mr.D said...
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Mr.D said...
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Anonymous said...

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