Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nigel’s Night On The Razzle

Clubbing in ChesterAfter a full day at Chester Zoo of an observing and watching  animals type nature,  it was decided that after a swim, sauna, Jacuzzi and snooze everyone would meet up in the Hotel Lounge before going into town to celebrate Lucy’s birthday even more ….. Nigel thought that perhaps he might have to stay behind to watch the Olympics in his room with a bottle of pop and bag of crisps, but Lucy said … no, he was included too and should scrub up and check he had no visible builders bum, ready for a night on the razzle!
Presents in the loungeIn the Lounge Nigel gave everyone the sweetie bags he and Darrell had made together …. there were whooops of joy, especially from the Lovely Laura who ate her mahooooosive sour apple cable there and then.After work cocktail hourIt was decided that cocktails should be the order of the evening, but perhaps it would be best if Nigel stuck to his usual Appletise ….A sip of lagerHowever as the evening progressed The Lovely Laura and Lucy’s resolve faded and they decided that just a tiny sip or two of the more exotic drinks being enjoyed at the table wouldn’t hurt Nigel ….
054So he was allowed a sip of Tom’s Nettle Patch Cooler ….Hansel and Gretel Cocktail… Lucy’s Hanzel and Gretel …. and The Lovely Laura’s Presidente …..  after which he declared that he’d like to be shown the way to go home as he was tired and wanted to go to bed …….. hic!
Do not disturb door sign Mill Hotel ChesterBirthday Girl Lucy said that he was a spark out as soon as his head hit the pillow and for once he was excused from brushing his teeth…..
Too Many Cocktails in Chester
Night night Nigel …. sweet dreams ……..


Anonymous said...

Oh my...does this mean he's a big boy now??? to his fans he will always be dear little Nigel....we don't want him growing up toooo fast! But he does look like his usual little boy monkey self tucked in bed...Night Nigel...Dianne

marc said...

he is just gone a bit french for a day they let their kids drink wine at birth in fact i think they can be brest feed it i think its the law but i ant sure i have heard many a french man say that wine is like mothers milk to them so it could be true big vodka and coke love marc

Mr.D said...

I'm sure the drinking was against the law. Does he have a fake ID or something?
Accidentally, I got my mother drunk last week - on half a glass of a single whiskey and lemonade!
She also needed her bed prematurely and this was at lunchtime.