Friday, 3 August 2012

We Believe In Gok!

As we told you yesterday … we have found “Gok” and are thus embracing our new found culinary enthusiasm by the horns ……
Gok Cooks Chinese…. Which is why Darrell was sent on an oriental gastronomic mission to the outskirts of Birmingham with a mahoooosive shopping list to purchase some specialist comestibles from the Wing Yip Chinese Superstore that we can’t source locally at our Tesco Express.
Wing YipAt first Darrell was a little overwhelmed by the vast choice of strange and exotic new foods …. but he said he felt that “Gok was with him to guide and help him make the right choices!”  What is he like?
Gok Wan Chinese Cooking…. Which was a blessing really because even choosing a packet of noodles was mind blowing …
Strange Fruits indeed…. as was the fruit and ….
Win Yip….. and the fruit juices!
Wing Yip.But Darrell, bless him, managed to fill his trolley with the robust enthusiasm and fervour of a newly converted follower ….
010And when he arrived home his excitement was both palpable and tangible …… Then it was “Wok On” for Super Speedy Noodles with Pork and Noodles ….. nom, nom, nom or in Chinese 百胜集团百胜, 百胜集团百胜, 百胜集团百胜!


Anonymous said...

I think I translate that as in my language.....Yummy Yum Yum!!!
JantheFan x

Di said...

Wonderful to see you embracing the magic of the orient boys - but what a lucky escape. Those fruits are Durian - delicious to eat but they stink summick awful, a bit like a very nasty drain (or worse). Your friendly neighbours would have been doing more than banging on the walls in appreciation should you have taken one of those home to eat :)

Have a great weekend - I have a Nasi Goreng recipe on my blog later this morning should you wish to try that one out.

Happy cooking! Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Hi boys, I said Nasi Goring, not Nazi Goering by the way - so nope, it's not sold in Aldi or even Lidl for that matter. What are you like!! Di xx

Anonymous said...

Vinnie may be having a first rate Olympic adventure, but you boys have embarked on an inspired, magical and life changing culinary adventure....imagine, all that wonder in Birmingham! Gok definitely must have been guiding Darrell through that maze of noodles, fruits and Chinese goodness at the Wing Yip Superstore....this is all so fascinating, can't wait to see what comes next!!!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

ps I think I see a bamboo steamer in the trolley....they are wonderful to use!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Google translate has it as "Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum." Maybe "Nom" isn't recognised as an English word - only a French word for "name."
What a great day out.