Saturday, 11 August 2012

DIY SOS …… Eat Your Heart Out….

DIY ExpertWe have to admit that in the past we have been relative strangers to the domestic pleasures of the paint brush type nature ….
Lawrence Llwellyn Bowen…. but as with our new found culinary skills, we have also found the need to embrace and step up to the stepladder and Dulux Crown Embrocation Emotion Emulsion …..
Dulux Crown EmulsionWhen Andy died his beloved fish tank had to be dismantled, because, to be honest, the responsibility of a two Nemos, a Gurgle and a Bubbles plus numerous crabs and anemones would have just laid too heavy upon us …..
Step Ladder……but when they had gone the room seemed so empty and different we decided that perhaps a new look to the lounge might help us to move on and lift our spirits ……
Paint rollerWell …… it all sounded like a good idea in our heads and during robust tea time table discussion,  but when we got to the stage when we needed to get out our aforementioned step ladder and actually begin the work Darrell remembered that he doesn’t have a natural infinity for heights ……
Dulux Paint …… and just the sight of it gave him a minor nose bleed ….. however, in the words of the Thee Musketeers …. it was a case of  “All for One and One for All …. and the realisation that sometimes our fears have to be bitten on the bum and conquered ….
When Father Painted the Parlour…. and after breathing VERY deeply into a brown paper bag for five or so minutes Darrell was up the aforementioned, aforementioned stepladder and wielding his paint roller like one of the experts from  DIY SOS, and the mysteries of magnolia were no longer an enigma to him!
Hiding From Hard WorkNigel had wanted to help ….. but we felt it best to contain his natural effervescence by guiding him to sit under the dust sheets to make sure they afforded ample coverage at all times (and to play tents….).
cushion covers to match the fish tankThe lounge is now completed and we have faced and tackled  another new challenge with, what we think is, great aplomb…., we can now rest on our laurels for a little while ….. or on our new cushions …. which we tastefully co-ordinated to match the gravel and plants in the guppies fish tank ….. what are we like?


Johnny B Munkeh said...

You boys look like you did a great job and did not get any paint on you - Top Banana!


Johnny B Munkeh ( a massive fan and fellow monkey )

Anonymous said...

AWWW, the gap between the enticing decorating plans that promise so much and our own beginner skills and limited experience can be like that gaping hole known as the Grand Canyon! But you did a super job worthy of the most upbeat inspiring DIY TV program! Your first rate decorating skills and knowledge of emulsion really paid off as you embark on this new path..could be a decorating career in your future!.Best loving wishes to all...Dianne

tilly said...

well done for scaling the dizzy heights of the all worked so hard and the room will give your spirits a big lift, bet Nigel loved the tent!

marc said...

HUgh needs the out side of his place done in london could you boys pop down and give rick the painter a hand big love marc

Helen said...

Would Rick have to interview us first .... and do we have to do an audition painting before we are taken on .... or is it a case of if you can hold a paintbrush you've got the job?

Mr.D said...

I hope no effervescent bubbles were emitted by Nigel during the proceedings.
I hope Nigel wasn't used as a paint sponge or anything!